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Corporate America 12 year veteran. I've held positions ranging from Customer Service to Sr. Manager to Assistant Vice President of Marketing. Novelist. I've always written. My first book was penned (or rather, penciled) at the tender age of six, and every moment since, I have been writing this short story or that novel. My first novel is a work of fiction: Her Essence, a Mystery/Thriller. I am in the process of writing my first non-fiction book, which incorporates my life coaching methodologies and philosphies as well as other thrillers: Taming Roland, About Bryant, and the sequel to Her Essence.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Love You

There are few things that I’ve grown to love in my years here on this planet (this time around if you prescribe to the belief of past present and future lives…)

I love Blythe: my daughter and compass. She keeps me focused on what’s important and keeps me on course.

My father. He is the first person to verbalize how proud he is of me. I’ll never forget the precise moment and I am so thankful for him and the family he has provided.

Yoga keeps me balanced and in tuned with me. I am better able to balance the yin and yang that are so constantly at battle in my life and I hopefully present a more unified front as a result of my practice.

My writing/words. I love writing. It is my vehicle for communication and psychoanalysis. Completely cathartic, I revel in the epiphanies. Which is directly linked to…

Dreams. I don’t know about you, but my dreams are my saving grace. They keep me healthy and happy and propel me forward.

Great friends (TS, LD, RS, SL, NK, BK, SW, LB.) They don’t judge. They listen and interject as is fitting the situation. They love and accept me as me, and I them.

Organic Farmers: Keep up the good fight. It will pay off. We all know how I love my green veggies—especially the organic ones…

It seems that people now a days (and yes, I know that I’ve just aged myself decades beyond how I appear…) throw this word round so casually. It’s not meant to be abused. I just wondered aloud and in type what I would attribute to the word love and this is what I've come up with. And you?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Black History Month

It’s been quite a while…well over a month and for that, I apologize, but things—life has been quite the ride. There has been so much that has happened in 2007. It has been freezing in Chicago for one. It has not been this cold in decades that I can remember (and I’m not that many decades, so stop…)

We had an African American and a woman announce their plans to run for presidency (two different people in Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton)…and they are both considered worthy candidates by the masses.

Oprah unleashed ‘The Secret’ to the masses, thus forcing us all to reconsider the name as it’s no longer the secret.

I started writing for the Associated Content at I’ve entered like a million writing contests. Here’s feedback from one (Her Essence, the book), and no, I don’t know if I’ve won or not by the way:

I am intrigued by your plot synopsis and I believe that this is the sort of story that publishers might enjoy working with. It’s original and contains some fresh dynamics – psychic powers, racial differences and racial tolerance, and two determined and logical women trying to blend their styles to work together successfully.

My very bright and beautiful daughter turned five years old in January.

I’ve become a life coach


I'm the busiest woman without a 9-5 that I've ever met...

So yes, 2007 is off to a bang and I am ready to see it to success. Only the best is to be had and had, it shall be. Along with more frequent posts ;)

Monday, January 08, 2007


It's a new year and perhaps a time for a new perspective...but only you can make that decision. For an opportunity to delve into you, click on the following link. Life's Worth It!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Often, the end of the year sparks a flurry of activity. Namely resolutions that bring countless numbers of people to my once sparse yoga class, creating havoc, irritation and ill will (so un-yoga!) as all jockey for the coveted blue mat marking their space and ‘winning’ the opportunity to practice yoga that day. By February, the classes are back to normal with the “resolutioners” finally dropping off and restoring normalcy. Really it’s enough to make me consider not practicing yoga at the healthclub in January.

The thought of this phenomenon that is to take place tomorrow, it sparked a thought or two. The most popular resolutions revolve around health, happiness, love and prosperity:
· I will loose weight
· I will meet Mr(s). (Wright...oops) Right
· I will arrange the house via feng shui tradition
· I will start my own business

It goes on and on. But there’s no reflection on the year that has just passed, and without learning from our mistakes/experiences/triumphs nothing really happens in the new year that’s so different from the last (and the cycle goes on and on…)

Why will you lose weight this year? Because something in 2006 made you believe that it will be in your best interest to do so. There’s a always a why that can be linked to big life changing decisions—many we’d rather forget, but then, by forgetting, the lesson’s lost and perhaps doomed to be repeated.

All who really know me, know that I do not live in the past, but what they may not know is that I take the opportunity to reflect and learn from past events and carry the cherished knowledge with me until I can claim it as learned (and thus checking off that box.)

So, sometime before the countdown begins, won’t you, too, take a moment to reflect, remember and record what was really important in 2006? What made it special? What did you learn bout yourself? How did you grow? And then, perhaps reflect on what you really want in 2007. Perhaps it’s not at all what you originally thought.
*** Please note, blogger beta has been down, and this is a post from 12/31/06!!! Happy New Year!***

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back in step

I had an odd experience yesterday. I went to Dominck’s (which in itself is odd as I typically frequent Whole Foods and shun both Jewel and Dominck’s until I need an unorganic item or I’m just plain desperate.) Anyhow, I walked from the parking lot to the store and a man stopped me. Here’s what he said: “I could watch you walk all day. You’ve got one hell of a walk!”

Now, know that I was completely startled by him AND his statement, but I was gracious, knowing that he meant well and it was coming from a good place. When I recovered (several hours later) I thought about it. I have been WELL known for my walk since highschool. It was nothing I was consciously aware of, but people seemed to notice and comment on it all the time. I still hear a comment or two every now and again, but I felt it even before he said it. I was back in step.

I accept and embrace my walk (which can not be done if I think about it…it just has a mind of it’s own, although it does help to play JT’s ‘I’m bringing sexy back’ in your head, substituting boy for girl…) Typically, I ‘walk’ when I’m dressed to the nines. In highschool, there were only what, twos and threes…no nines until prom. Yesterday, I donned jeans and flat shoes. It’s a clear sign… I’m back in step!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Intuitive Chef

I received a few questions about what an ‘Intuitive Chef’ is/does. It’s quite simple actually. Do you recall the feeling, upon meeting someone for the very first time, that you either really liked them or really didn’t? If you had a feeling one way or the other (strongly), you probably couldn’t explain it. It just was. You loved him/her immediately or you couldn’t get away fast enough. If polled, you can only say, “S/he just…well…I can’t…you know how it is…I’m at a loss…I just knew immediately, that we would be friends forever. We cliqued immediately and are now inseparable.” Or on another note, the response is sometimes, “who?”

That’s how it is with cooking and me. I’ve never taken a class, but I just know what’s going to blend well. I know what time to put everything on so that all is served warm and well. AND most importantly, I know how to cook quickly! Whoever’s touting the 30-minute meal has absolutely NOTHING on the Intuitive Chef! The only things that rock me a bit are recipes and baking. Baking takes WAY too long and there are no shortcuts that I can see. I will use a recipe every now again, but it’s probably something that’s been requested of me to make and I have no clue where to start…intuition is still kicking in here…I know that I need a recipe and I know where to go.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Late night fodder

I think it’s time to jump on the reality TV bandwagon. Not in a bad way…I guess. I just need to jump start some things, and it seems that the best way to do this is via reality TV, but the RIGHT show.

And what is the right show?

It’s hard to tell these days as many are just so bad. So let’s look at my options:
1. Flava of Love. Well, I think this was the last season, but really, could you see me on this show? Flav wouldn’t have ‘time’ for me.
2. Survivor. Hmmm. I can’t see this one working in my favor. Stress, starvation, irritating people. My best couldn’t shine through. There’s a writer on the island this season, and he’s making us look bad. Not sure I could swing it around.
3. The Bachelor. Every season, there’s a token Black female. She’s always voted off in the second round (as if she had a chance) and she NEVER gets air time.
4. American Idol. Sounds good, but I can’t hold a note.
5. Top Chef. I would do this show in a hot second, as I consider myself an intuitive chef, but those with little to no culinary experience seem to go very early in the show. I am, however, up for the challenge.
6. Game shows. So up for any of these, Deal or no deal, 1 vs. 100 (never watched this one, but can’t be that hard…)
7. The Amazing Race. BINGO. The only person I can envision playing this game with is Laure, and we have such a hook. Think about it L.

What would you consider doing...if anything?

Please note, this is for entertainment purposes only…all except number 7. Just late night fodder.

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